All great man and woman ever lived,they all have vision. You must not abandon your life to chance. Vision will determine your probability and value. It makes you a pathfinder and a pacesetter. You can not discover vision and not be a man or woman of impact. To live without vision is to live in confusion and frustration (proverbs 29:18). It is vision that make your life to stand out. Your provision is guaranteed at the place of your vision. Until you discover it,you are not set to recover. What you can not see,you can not become. Men of vision are the men who know where they are going and how to get there. vision makes you enjoy motion. Vision is about knowing where you are going,so that you know if you are there; and even more vital,knowing if you are off course and not any close to your goal.
God said to Jeremiah "what seest thou?" what this question mean is,what is your vision? Jeremiah said,

"i see a rod of an almond tree. Then said the
lord unto me,thou has well seen: For i will
hasten my word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:11-12)"

What you do not see,God is not committed to perform. There is power in vision. He said "what seest thou?" one major problem of a good number of people is that,they pray so much yet they see noting. To pray without vision is like playing football without a goal post. When you see something,no body can discourage you about that. There is power in what you see. You are capable of bringing it to pass. When you dream the impossible,you can do the incredible.

And the lord said,behold the people is one and
they have all one language and this they begin
to do and now nothing will be restrained from them,
which they have imagined todo. (Genesis 11:6)

You must sit down and plan your future. Stop the excuses you have been making before now. It takes strategy to win the game of life. This may be your first-half. If you have last before,you can still make it. Do not pity your self.t Abraham started at seventy-five years. Don't let others tell you what you can't do.

Don't let the limitations of others limit your
vision. IF you can remove your self-doubt and believe in
your self,you can achieve what you never thought possible
"Roy T. Bennett"

Your chapter is not closed. It may be your first-half but it is never too late. You need a vision of where you are going. I do not know what you have pass through in life. See something and write it down. Lift up your eyes from where you are,your case is not hopeless. All you need is a vision and God will take you to where you ought to be. God is waiting for you what are you seeing? What you do not see, God will never perform no matter how much you pray. Ask your self, what do i really want in life? write it down and picture it comiming to pass.

where there is no vision,the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he
(proverbs 29:18)
The most pathetic person in the world
is some one who has sight but no vision
"Hellen Keller"

It is extremely risky for an individual to live with out vision. The word 'perish' in the above context does not mean physical death,it means 'to be stripped of honour and dignity.' Life will never look colourful without vision. Every man greatness is within him not outside of him.
There was a story in the Bible about a woman whose husband is a prophet,died owing. She went to the man of God,Elisha. Elisha asked her "what do you have in your house?" she said nothing except a pot of oil. The things you are looking for outside is within you. Your future is not outside of you,it is within you. If you can see it you can become it. Stop looking far, what you need is right within you. All you need is to catch a glimpse of it. There is a divine conception inside every man. Do you know why you are unique? We have over six billion people in this world. God make sure that no two person are the same,even identical twins,have quite a number of differences. God has made every one unique. This means each one person created by God has something that God has place inside him or her that will make that individual known and relevant to the world. A discovery of that is what makes us successful.
One man with vision is better than 99 men with out vision. A visionary is known by the life time impact he has made on others,even after he is gone,his impact will still be felt and enjoy by many. How does he make improvement? he applies the law of change. He constantly making usefull and necessary changes,with the purpose of improving on the privious. Changes do not just happen. We do not wait for a change, we enforce change. We pay a price for change. It is belived,according to physics,that an object remains at initial until a force is applied. So,it is the force of vision,that really gives motion to live. No matter the level of stagnation,when vision is discovered,stagnation gives way. The truth is,if you must make a mark in life,something must change within you. Every change start from within. You can not afford to leave your life to chance,does who live on chance do not have a chance at all. If you do not want to end up a riability,accept responsibility. You need to tell your self there is a way forward and that part,i must discover it.

The poorest person in the world is not the man without
money,it is the man with out vision or dream

The abscence of vision is the bane of many life's. VIsion give wings to your destiny.