Time is Limited

You can not manage time,you can only manage your self. Time is an ongoing process it doesn't wait for any body,if you are suppose to do some thing at a particular time and you don't, that time have been wasted. You can not save time. You can only spend it differently. Every part of life today shows the results of how you have spend your time. You have to change how you use your time to get the things you want in life.
Time in a way, is like money,it can be either spent or invested. If you spend time or money,it is gone forever. You can never get it back. But if you invest your time or money wisely,you will get a greater return in the future. Every thing you do that requires your time represent a choice. The choice is to use your time wisely or not. However you choose,the time will be gone forever. If you spend your time on one activity, your choice about how you use your time largely determine the quality of your life, both to day and in the future. You have to stop doing things that waste your time. Time is a limited resource that you can not regain once it is lost. Every moment that passes you by is one you can never get back.
You have a certain amount of time here on earth in which you can fulfill your purpose and destiny. In that time you can leave an inheritance and be blessed or if you do not use your time wisely,it will be wasted and lost. Steal my money and i will make more, steal my car and i will get another car, still my clothes and i may be naked for a little bit but i will get new clothes. But if you steal my time,i will never get it back. Unfortunately,most people do not see it this way. They did not see their time as valuable so they do not guard it. The time that they lose prevents them from setting them selve up for a future of abundance. If you watch successfull people the one thing they all have in common is that,they guard their time.

how an average person spend his time

we have 24 hours in a day.

Our guy gets up in the morning takes a shower and eats,which takes an hour. That time is not really wasted,but it is time spent not growing. He did not learn any thing new. He did not mature or set plans for success in that our of his day. Driving to work, he listen to hip-hop for an hour. Hip-hop made him happy but nothing brought about change in his life or help him get closer to becoming successfull.
He arrives at work and for the next eight hours, he sits and just muddles through because he does not even like been their. He takes a launch break in the middle of the day and talks to co-workers or day dream about the day when he is going to become successfull and wealthy,but he doesn't do any thing but thinks about it and talk about it. Driving home,he wants to feel relaxed so he cranks up the heavy metal and bang his head through traffic for an hour. We all need time to out selves. So our man goes to the gym,with the time he spends getting ready,working out and showering, he spent two hours.
Our guy has a girl friend. So he has to spend an hour on the phone with her, "I love you, i love you, i love you." A game is on so he spends three hours yelling at his team and cursing the referees. The day is almost over and our guy has not learn any thing new or done anything that takes him closer to becoming successfull or even set plans for success or for the future. He would like to read a little,but he does need to get some rest to ready for the next day,so there's really no time left. He spent six hours sleeping so the last six hours is wasted. And so ends a day in the life of an average man. He has done absolutely nothing to change his life or future. Six months or a year from now,he will be in exactly the same place that he is right now.
Your time and how you use it now is producing your tomorrow. You have to ask your self one question,what are you producing? If you do not commit your time to learn how to get where you want to be,you will never amount to any thing in your whole life.

every thing counts

Every thing that you do or fail to do,count in some way. Nothing is neutral. Every thing that you do is either moving you towards a better life or away from it.Each act you engage in is either positive or negative. What you do or where you are in any particular minute is either moving you forward to success or moving you backward to failure. One minute might be too small but for you to succeed in life you have to take one minute precious because it is sixty minutes that make up an hour and 24 hours make up a day. Your life start to destroy when you think that one minute worth nothing. Success is a small thing done well over a long period of time. Every little thing that you do or don't do count in some way. Every thing helps or hurts, adds up or takes away. Every day we need to ask ourselves: "Am i getting any closer to my purpose in life? Am i making this a better place to live?" If the answer is no,then we have just wasted a day of our life. Life will reward us in proportion to our contribution to others.