The power of the mind through which any person may rise to altitude of achievement that stagger the imagination, is well describe in the following verse:

different ways the rich and the poor thinks.

We see money as a way to get things,they see money as a tool to invest. We need more to get the latest car,a bigger house,a bigger TV. Bullionaires see money as a tool to be used to make money. As soon as we get some extra money,we look to where we can spend it. The rich immediately look to where they can invest it.

We think that if we could just get a better job,we would be rich. What is funny is that,if Warren Buffet lost his money, i guarantee that finding a great job would not be his priority. He would be looking for an investment. "Oh,if i just had a better job,if i could just get that promotion,i would be rich." No,you would make more money,but you would not be rich. The wealthy saw their job as a tool to get money to invest. We see our job as a tool to get money for stuff. Think about it,you probably make #240,000 to #500,000 more a year than you did ten years ago. Where is the money? what did you do with last year #240,000 raised? Bigger TV? New clothes? A car? may be you don't even know. Ten years ago at the end of the month you made #20,000. Today,when you are making nearly twice as much,you are still in the same financial statue. Unless you change your thinking,ten years from now,you still be in the same financial statue as you are now.

unless we change our thinking,it will not
matter how much money we make,we will never become wealthy.

RISK-we don't take risks because we are afraid we will fail. What if it doesn't work? The rich think that if they don't take risks,they have already failed. The wealthy know that failling does not make you a failure. Never trying does.

TIME-the wealthy haves a whole different way of thinking about time. We just pass the time away. We waste time. We let others steal our time. To the wealthy,time is their most valuable asset. We think money is the most valuable thing. The wealthy say, "i can get more money but i can never get more time." The wealthy remove time wasters from their lives. They stop doing things that waste their time. Here is an example: How many times in your life have you heard or said, "look at that guy with his gardener taking care of his lawn,his maid cleaning the house and his driver washing the car. If i had that kind of miney,i wouldn't waste it on that. I would give that money to poor." It is that thinking that keeps from having that money. The wealthy say, "with the time i save not doing my own lawn,i can make extra money."

William James of harvard university said "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter thier lives, by altering their attitude of mind."

Prosperity and success are the result of our thoughts and decisions,it is for us to decide what thought will dominate our lives. Success is not an accident. It is the result of our thinking. The way in which you think has a profound effect on your performance.

James Allen said "As a man thinket so he is
and as he continue to think so he remain"

The most importance mental principle ever discovered is that you become what you think about most of the time. Your outer world is very much a mirror image of your inner world. What is going on outside of you is a reflection of what is going in inside of you.