Sales are the number of goods or services sold in a given time period. Nothing happens until a sales takes place. With out sales our entire society would come to an end. Sales people are the most important people in any business,with out sales the biggest and most sophisticated companies shot down.
The more vibrant the level of sales, the more successfull and profitable is that company. In selling,you only have to be a little bit better and different in each of the key result areas of selling for it to accumulate into an extraordinary different in income. Sales success is in direct proportion to your ability to initiate new contacts. Because selling is a number game,based on the law of probability,the more new contacts you initiate,the more successfull you are going to be holding constant for all other factors. The more people you see,the more likely it is that you will make more sales.

three sales formula

There is a simple formula for magnificent sales performance. It consist of three activities: prospect,present and follow up. Successfull sales people are those who prospect,present and follow up more often than unsuccessfull sales people. A person of average talents and abilities who prospects,present and follow up all day long will run circles around a genius who does not.

when is the best time to make a sale

The best time to make a sale is right after making a sale. Why? Right after you make a sale,you self-esteem soars. You feel terrific about your self as a sales person. You like your self more,you feel like a winner when you in to speak to next prospect,feeling terrific about you have a powerful effect on the best. There will be something about you that has a powerful effect on the customer. Your positive attitude and confident bearing will trigger a desire,at a subconscious to buy from you.
Some times a sales person will make sale first thing in the morning and then another,and another and another, and sale more in a single day than he or she might have sold in a week or two. This spike in sales performance has nothing to do with the product,the market, or the customer. It happens because the seller self concept has gone up like the mercury in a themometer on a hot day. As a result,he or she is performing at an exceptional level of effectiveness. Immediately after you have made a sale,you like your self more as a sales person. You feel more confident, competent and eccective in selling. If you have been working on a difficult prospect and you have just close a sale,get in your car and drive straight over to that tough customer and attempt to make the sale. You will be amazed at how many times this turns out to be an effective strategy. You will be more persuasive right after made a sale than at any other time. It will not be the customer who has change. It won't be the product or service, or the price, the market,or the competition. The only thing that have change is you.

positive affirmations

The key to reaching these state of mind is to prepare your self psychologically before every sales call stop. And take a couple of seconds; then say to your self, "i like my self! i like my self! i like my self!" Talking to your self positively is like pumping your self up. Just like pumping up a tire,you pump your self esteem. First thing in the morning when you get out of bed,start talking to your self, "i like my self and i like my job!" What ever you said to your self with feeling is accepted by your subconscious as an instruction,a command. Your subconscious mind will give the words,actions and feelings consistence with the message that you have send to it.
Before going in to see a prospect say to your self, "i am a great sales person and this is going to be a great call!" repeat that several times. Your self psychologically prepare for a good experience. When you then work in to see the prospect, your subconscious will give you the words,the feelings and the body language consistence with a person who is excellent at what he does,talking to your self positively makes you more confident. It causes you to relax and perform better. Your level of self confident and calmness has a strong impact on the person you are talking to positvely,self talk leads to positive sales results.