clarify your purpose

A job is what you do to satisfy your basic needs (food,clothing and shelter) while work is what you do that brings fulfillment while job brings immediate material satisfaction. When it comes to work,the money may not be much at first, but there will be a great sense of fulfillment that comes with it. God created us to do work not job.
Jesus said in John 9:4

"i must work the works of him that send me,
while it is day: the night cometh,
when no man can work"

When you are not in your purpose,you will never be excited doing anything you are engaged in. When you meet a lawyer that is on God divine mandate,he can not stay without going to the court. Any attempt to keep him away from the court will like taking the fish out of the water. He will explore every opportunity to display his talent,but a lawyer that is not in his/her divine purpose will probably end up as a property agent, when you engage him in a chat,he will only talk about money instead of his profession. When money is the first target in any thing you are doing,it is a proof that you are out of your purpose. Until purpose is discovered,existence has no meaning. Purpose is the source of fulfillment in life. Career success does not mean purpose fulfillment. You can be an icon in a particular career and still be unfulfilled. Purpose is about what you find to do without being cajoled,doing it with utmost passion and enthusiasm,with maximum fulfillment derived.

If you are at the center of your purpose,nothing can kill you because the mandate of God you career guarantees your supreme security as God will not allow you to be aborted. When Jesus began his earthly ministry,any where he went,multitudes followed Him. He was literally shining but that never happened in his days of carpentry work because that was not his purpose. If you are not shining,watch it,you may be out of purpose.

"And a great multitude follewed him,because they saw his
miracles which he did on them that were diseased"
john 6:2

The first goal of your is to find out your purpose here on earth. The truth is that,it is not late to find your purpose,no matter how old you are. Working along with your purpose guarantees longevity. Men with out purpose fot their lives die young, they hardly live to full old age. Purpose discovered is the secret of lasting success.
WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD DO ANY THING? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF SUCCESS WERE GUARANTEED? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF FAILURE WASN'T A CONSIDERATION? The answer to this questions is your purpose. When you ask question or you ask a question about your purpose,the universe will transmit the answer to you. The answer doesn't come from your conscious mind; other wise you would already know it. The answer comes from the universal mind. Most of us go through life with out knowing what our dreams is. It's important that people take time to identify what they love.if you don't,you are just a rudderless boat. Before you ask any question,get your self relaxed and in a calm state a mind. Then simply ask a question,like,"what is my purpose in life?" or "what are my meant to do?" or "what is my reason for being here?" Don't try and answer the question with your mind,but leave the question hanging in the air. Remain quiet for a minute,pay attention to anything that comes to you and then take particular notice on what you are inspired to do during the day. The answer will come into your mind in a flash,most likely when you are focused on something else altogether. Don't second-guess the answer when you get it,but think of one small step you can take towards it.