what is your purpose in life?

it is wrong to be the jack-of-all trade,that is,you are a carpenter,a mason,a plumber,an architect,an electrician,all at the same time. The truth is that no body will know you for every thing. No man is an all purpose person, every man is created for a definite purpose. When you locate your assignment here on earth,you will surely excel. A man who has located his purpose, has bring struggle to an end.
Before you were born,God has already packaged and concluded every thing you were born to become. He only appeared to have begun the process when he put you in your mothers womb where you spent some months to develop your body parts. Every other process after your birth: schooling,graduating,acquiring a particular skill or learning a trade among other things going on in your life today is just a replay or manisfestation of his finished work. It should become clear to you that when your mother gave birth to you was not when God started with you. He had concluded who you will be and the purpose you will accomplish before you were born.

Then the word of the LORD came unto me
saying,before i form thee in the belly i knew thee;
and before thou camest forth out of the womb i sanctified thee,
and i ordained thee a prophet unto the nations
(Jeremiah 1:4-5)

I am not here by chance. God did not start with me in 1999 when i was born. God finished with me before my mother gave birth to me. What you see to day and many more that will come in the future is a display of total package God programmed before before putting me in my mother's womb.
My father and mother were only instrument God used to bring me to the earth. The journey of life becomes very sweet when you discover who you are created to be, not all are created to be doctors,lawyers,pastors,networkers or artists. You have been ordained and purposed for something before you were born,the discovery of it makes you fulfill your destiny. Your purpose of being here can not be a series of events,which includes work during week days,a visit to friends and worship during weekend. These are series of events and can not be all you are created to do.

The question is, what must you do? The answer is in discovering your purpose in life. It is the discovering and operating the purpose why you were born that places you on the path of enjoying the blessing's of God for your life. When you operate outside your purpose in life,your productivity will be very low and you will not make any impact in life. When you see a man involved in so many things,it means he has not discovered the purpose for which he was born. So,until your purpose is discovered, your goal will be scattered and unattainable.
When Jesus was in the carpentry shop of Joseph,no body knew him,for thirty years there was nothing like Jesus the carpenter but three years in his purpose,the whole world is yet to recover from his impact. If you live without discovering your purpose in life,you can graduate with a first class grade and still die without being cereblated. The world will not cerebrate you until your purpose is discovered.you should not be involve in several activities with out any tangible progress recorded. There are so many people to day that look very busy and serious,but are working outside of God's purpose for their lives. Some in a bid to travel abroad end up giving up meaningful career which they have built back home. But when they eventually go abroad,they realise that life is not as rosy as they had thought. Some end up doing multiple jobs and odd ones just to make a living. When you discover purpose,you will surely triumph. I read a shocking statistic sometime ago, that 80% of heart attack cases happen on monday mornings. Most people get up on monday morning and do not feel excited and enthusiastic about going to work,irrespective of how good and lucrative that occupation may be. This,more often than not, point to the fact that such person are out of there purpose,they are not in their place of assignment. It shows that what you are doing is not the reason for which you were created.