Personal development

Personal delopment is very important in life, in every field of endevour you found your self you need personal development. Why do some people become best in what they do and others seem to be struggling,why do some people enter a certain field or a career and within few years the person have achieve success but others that is there before them is still struggling. If you develop your self personally you will achieve more in two years that will take others a life time to achieve.
In the Bible,John 7:15 it said "An the jews marvelled saying,how knoweth this the man letters,having never learnd?"
The jews saw jesus reading,they were are astonish and surprise because they never saw jesus attend any school so they where are surprise can he be able to read and write, in Luke 4:16 it said "As his custom was"which means,he constantly go to the temple to learn and ask questions from scholars. Jesus is the son of God,but still he develop him self personally. Daniel in the Bible was given the wisdom of understanding, but see what he said in Daniel 9:2 "I daniel understood by book"
despite the fact he was given the wisdom of understanding from God he still read books to develop him self. One of the most empowering of all rules is this:you can learn any thing you need to learn to achive any goal you can set for your self.
This is one of the great principles of success.properly applied, this mean there are no real limitations on what you can accomplish.if you are about your goal,you can then identify the knwledge that you will need to achive it.When you learn what you need to learn,and then apply that knwledge,the achievement of your goal becomes almost inevitable.

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,the man who
gains understanding,for she is more profitable
than silver and yields better returns than
gold.she is more precious than rubies;nothing
you desire can compare with her.
Bible,proverbs 3:13-15"

Just imagine! it took 6,000 years to go through agricultural age,150 years to pass through the Industrial Age,20 more years to pass through the Informational Age, and we are now in the Age of Communication.
We have gone from muscle power to mind power,from brute power to brain power. We have evolved from a focus on making and moving things to a focus on the creation and dissemination of ideas and knowledge content of your work, and your ability to communicate it,is largely going to determine the value of what you do, the amount of money you earn, and the overall quality of your life.

Why do you need personal development

The three keys to continuous personal and professional development

In order to stay on top of your job,you should read in your field at least one hour per day,underlining and taking good notes. Any thing less than one hour a day will put you in danger of passed by your competitors. At the very least,you should get up every morning and 30 to 60 minutes in some thing educational.Take careful notes,review your notes on a regular basis.
Reflect on what you have learned, and think about how you could apply the new ideas in your daily life.Use the power of visualization to imagine yourself using the new information in some way. This will dramatically increase likelihood that you will use them at the first opportunity.If you read just one hour per day,that will amount to about one book per week.One book per week will amount to about 50 books per year.fifty books per a year will total about 500 books over the next 10 years at the very least.
Mean while, in the informational age,if you are not reading continuous you are in serious danger of being made obsolete by the passage of time. However,if you read one hour per day,one book per a week, you will be getting equivalent of a PH.D. in your field every year. You will become one of the smartest,best-informed, and most productive people in your business.