Limiting Belief

Limiting belief is a repetitive thoughts that you think over and over and over again. When your thoughts consist of a limiting belief you are or sending out a negative vibration or frequency,that negative vibration is preventing you from attracting your disire. The phrase "i have to work hard to make money" vibrates lack which stops you from getting what you want.Example of limiting believe: "I like to wtite a book but i can't because" i don't have auniversity degree.

How Can You Determine Your True Beliefs?

Simple you can tell what you really believe by observing what you do and what you don't do,by listening to your opinions ,your conversation and by noting your decisions.

How Do You Change Your Beliefs?

In every case,if you want to change your perfomance and your results in any area of your life,you have to change your self concepts or your beliefs about your self for that area. Fortunately,your beliefs are largely subjective. They are not always based on facts. Instead,they are base largely on information you have taken in and accepted as true,some times with very little evidence or proof.
The starting point of unlocking your potential, and accomplishing more than you ever have before is for you to challenge your self limiting beliefs.You begin this process of freeing your self from self limiting beliefs by imagining that what ever they are,they are completely untrue. Imagine that you could be,do,or have any thing you you really wanted in life. Imagine that your potential is unlimited in any way.
For example:Imagine that you could be earning twice as much as you are earning today,imagine that you could be living in a bigger house,driving a better car and enjoying a more expensive lifestyle. Imagine that you have the ability to be one of the top people in your field, imagine that you are one of the most popular,powerful and persuasive personality in your social and business world.
You can also change your beliefs by giving love! Negative beliefs,such as beliefs of limitation,aging or disease,do not come from love. When you give love, when you feel good,love melts away any negativity, including negative belief that harm you. You can also change your beliefs belief by changing your thinking and feelings because you think and feel in the manner consistence with your beliefs.