Belief And Health

What Do you Believe?

For as he thinketh in his heart,so is he(by king solomon 10th century)
What you think in your heart is what you believe to be true,like "i have a sensitive stomach", "i find it hard to loose weight", "i'm allergic to that","coffee keeps me awake", all these are beliefs not facts. A belief is when you have made up your mind ,the verdict is in,you've nailed the shut and thrown away the key, and there is no room for negotiation.But whatever you believe and feel is true will be true for you,whether your believe help you or harm you. What ever beliefs you give out,the law of attraction you must receive back .
Many people have more fearful beliefs about disease than they have good beliefs about health. Do you believe in life long health more than you in the inevitability of disease, if you believe that your body will deteriorate with age and that disease is inevitable,you are out that belief and by so doing your believes becomes your realities in the state of your health and body.

"For the things that i fear comes upon
me,and what i dread befalls me"
Bible(Job 3:25)

The placebo effectin medicine is prove of the power of belief, one grouop of patient is given real pills order treatment,another grouop is given the placebo,a sugar piil or fake treatment but neither is told which one is a cure for their symptoms or illness. Yet the group that gets the placebo often significant improvements and the reduction or disappearance of symptoms. The startling results of the placebo effect regularly demonstrate the power of beliefs on our body. What you continually give to your body with your beliefs or strong feelings,you must recieve in your body.
What ever you believe about your body, your cells believe too. They don't question any thing you think,feel or believe,infact they hear every thougths,feelings,beliefs you have. If you believe or think or say "i always get jetlag when i travel", your cell recieve "jetlag" as a command, and they must carry out your instruction.Think and feel that you have a weight problem, and your cell recieve the of a weight problem. They must follow your instructioin and keep your body in over weight condition, your cell are your must royal subjects who serve you with out question and so what you believe,becomes the law of your body. You are the ruler of a kingdom,and what ever you belive becomes the law of your kingdom,the law within your body.

You Really Are As Old As You Believe

Ancient texts say that people once lived for hundreds and hundreds of years,some lived for eight hundred years , some lived for five or six hundred years,but longevity was common place. So what happened? people changed what they believed,instead of believing in living for hundreds and hundreds of years,people changed their beliefs over generations, and they came to believe in a reduce life expectancy. We have inherited those beliefs of a reduce life expectancy from the time we are born,the belief of how long we can live has been sewn in to the fabric of our minds and our hearts. And from there we literally program our bodies from an eary age to live for a certain amount of time, and our bodies age according to how we program them.
If you possible can,don't put a ceiling on how long you can live. All it will take is one person to break the limit of life expentancy and that person we change the course of life expectancy for all humanity,one person after another will follow,because when one person lives far beyound the current life expectancy,other people we believe and feel they can do it too,and they will. When you believe and feel that aging and deterioration are inevitable, then they will happen. Your cells,your organs and your body receive your bueliefs and feelings,feel young and stop feeling your age. Feeling yor age is just a belief you've been given and a program you've have given to your body,you can change the command you are given when ever you want,by changing what you believe!