What do you believe?

Do you believe you'll soon become 100% financially independent?
Do you believe you'll never get divorced?
Do you believe you can be healhty or do you believe that sickness is inevitable?
Are you positive you'll ever travel the world?
Do you believe you can succeed?
Do you believe that one day you gonna be living in a world that you dream of?

What you believe determine what you become.You see what you look for,you attract what you are. Most people don't realize thier beliefs determine the rest of their life,what you believe today has real effect on tommorow. Your income,success,health and who you ultimately become are based on what you believe. The problem is,most people don't have powerful self belief in them selves, they believe the best they can be is merely "good" why,because it's easier to stay in mediocrity than undertake the difficult process of uprading your belief system,it's easier to relax in "good" instead of bursting your ass towards greatness. It will be a great turning point in your life if you stop casually waiting for success and started to it as a duty,obligation and responsibility.

Choice is the one gift that God give to man kind,human being has a mind that dicern (different). Every body have the ability to their life through their beliefs but most people according to the way they grew up they agreed to the beliefs as we see them as all that is true in the world and forget that they are really subjective and malleabble. People choose their believes unconsciously with out knowing,assuming that it is a fact the real truth is that there is no fact in the real world,every thing is made up of people's beliefs.When people choose thier beleif consciously or unconsciuosly it affect their live's whether postively or negatively,just as the scientist's beliefs affect the out come of an experiment, so do your beliefs affect the out come of your life. People have choosen to become successful inlife but their beliefs is contradicting their choice. For instance,the phrase"money is the root of all evil" or "life is hard and struggle" carries a negative vibe or frequency which stops you from getting what you want, and by so doing their beliefs affect their choice.

Strong belief attracts success but no belief guarantees failure most people don't truely believe they can achive greatness. They don't believe they can actually live extra ordinary life, as result,this becomes true;theu aren't successfull,they don't attract opportunities,infact they actively miss them even if it is right at their feet. But if you truely believe in your ability to succeed,your mind will figure out the means.

Why are so many people living in mediocrity?

why don't people have the live they want?

A fundamental reason is because, they simply don't believe that their idea life is even possible, You can not get what you don't look for. What ever you believe about your self becomes true,your believe system is incredibly powerful,it determines how successfull or unsuccessful you'll ultimately become. If you want more,then start upgrading your mindset,because what you believe about your self determines who you become.
It does not count if you believe in your self when it's easy to believe in your self, It does not count if you believe the world can be a better place when the future looks bright. It does not count if you think you are going to make it when the finish line is right in front of you. It counts when it's hard to believe in yourself,when it looks like world's is going to end and you have got a long way to go.