About the founder

Hey! I'm Darlington Uzoefuna the founder of Demagician. Do you have an unstoppable desire to make a different in the life of others; unsure of where to start? my journey..... I've always dreamed of impacting the world and changing lives one at a time. I've stayed a student of personal development. Why? Because i believe it has the power to change us individually,connect communities,be a catalyst to corporations, and tranform countries around the world. I am a proof of personal development.

I started off with very few advantages in life.But i have one thing going for me :reading.I love to read,as an adult, through network marketing i got hooked on reading and learning. Over the years,i found that virtually every successfull person who has started with nothing and worked his or her way up has done it through a commitment to study and personal development.

Abraham lincoln once wrote ,"I will study and
prepare my self,and someday my time will come "

I created Demagician with one vision and goal in mind, which is to make positive impact in the life of others and help billions of people achieve their goals in every aspect of life and to change how peolpe understand life, we want to create a better world. You see, my passion in life is growing and equiping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives.

My quotes

As an entreprenuer you have to see what
works,change what does'nt,try again,and
ultimately you will get there
"uzoefuna Darlington"

Building a better you is the first step
to building a better Nigeria.
"Uzoefuna Darlington"

To think you know all the answer
means you don't know all the questions.
"Uzoefuna Darlington"

Until you inprove you can never be approved.
"Uzoefuna Darlington"

You not only become what you think about,
you also become what you believe.
"Uzoefuna Darlington"

Your thoughts form your attitude,so the
first step in changing your attitude is to
take responsibilty of your own thoughts"
"Uzoefuna Darlington"

The truth about success is that you have the idea
of the destination, but you don't know the route.
"Uzoefuna Darlington"