Belief is a vague idea in which some comfidence is placed. Believe make up the world and every thing you see,hear, touch,taste and feel were created by or interpreted by beliefs. Belief is also repeated thoughts with strong feelings attached to them like "i catch colds easily" but what ever you believe and feel is true will be true for you.
You,me,we are all born in to a world full of beliefs and as you grow up you we be sociallize in to accepting those beliefs as true.People fail to change and create thier desire because of one,some or even all of their beliefs contradict with what they wish to obtain or become. We are all living in a world made up of other peole's beliefs and ideas and we take them for our own some where along the way

What keeps us off

So what prevents us from transforming our self in the people we want to become? What's the one factor that let jef keep eat twinkies and not being able to lost extra 1081bs? Why does rich fail to become rich despite his immense talent and intelligent? Belief is the answer to all does questions. All of us have a belief deep down that conflicts with the change we all want to make in our lives and leave a feeling of being on a sinking ship each day not able to escape. Your beliefs become your do not believe what you see,but you see what you believe.

WILLIAMS JAMES OF HARVARD said "Belief creates the actual fact

In the bible,it says "according to your belief (faith),it is done unto you". Your world to day is largely an out-picturing of your innermost belief and convictions.You behave on the out side base on your belief on the inside.You see the world around you base on your belief about reality,regardless of whether they are collect.

Negative Beliefs About Money

Why so many people feel bad about money is that they have negative beliefs about money, and those negative beliefs were fed in to their subconcious minds when they are children. Beliefs like "we can't afford that," "money is the root of all evil," "rich people most be dishonest," "wanting money is wrong and it not spiritual", "having plenty of money means hard work".
When you are a child, you accept just about every thing your parents,teachers or society tell you and so without realboutising it, you grow up having negative feelings about money. The irony is that,at the same time that you're told that wanting,you're told that you have to earn a living, even it means doing work you don't love. May be you were even told that there are only certain jobs you can do to earn a living,that it's a limited list, none of these things is true. The people who told you these things are innocent because they where passing on what they believed and felt was true, but because they believed it,it becomes true in their lives.
Now you you are learning that life works in a completely different way. If you lack money in your life, it is because you are giving out more bad feelings than you are giving good feelings about money.